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Atura is a consulting firm providing risk assessment and risk management services to ensure the protection and safety of the terrestrial (soil based) environment (Agriculture, horticulture, landscape gardens and turf).


We specialise in the management of risks posed to:


  • soils in both urban and agricultural landscapes, and


  • protection of the biota and resources found on land.


This includes providing risk assessment and management  strategies to ensure the protection and safety of humans, soils and aquatic systems.



Assessment of risks posed from:


  • Rainwater

  • Stormwater

  • Recycled water

  • Drinking water

  • Solid wastes (Biosolids, etc)


When used for: 


  • Drinking water (potable)

  • Stock water

  • Irrigation water (food and fodder crops)

  • Landscape gardens, parks and turf

  • The environment



Examples of projects completed by Atura for assessing and managing the associated risk include:


  • Recyled water (storm, rain and sewage water) risk assessment and management plans for turf, parks and gardens, horticutlure and agriculture


  • Helminth in sewage water and biosolids


  • Catchment management plans assessing risk associated with current and future land uses and protection of potable water systems


  • Land application of biosolids for beneficial uses

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