Dr Daryl Stevens

(PhD, B. App Sci., Hons.)


Dr Stevens has worked extensively (2005-2010) for the National Environmental Protection Council as Coordinator and Scientific Services for the Environmental Risk component of the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (Phase 1 - Sewage Water and Greywater and Phase 2 - Stormwater and Managed Aquifer Recharge). During the last seven years, he has also consulted extensively in developing land suitability assessments and environmental management plans for a range of rural and urban reuse schemes. Recently assisting with an update to the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling Human Health Section.


He specialises in detailed qualitative and quantitative risk assessments using a range of modelling techniques based on quantitative structural-activity relationships (QSAR) of chemical hazards and a diverse range of terrestrial risk models and uses the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling to manage human health and the whole of environmental risks. He has led research projects in the runoff and lateral movement in soils of stormwater from micro-catchments.


Dr Stevens has an excellent track record on the management and delivery of integrated research outcomes for Atura and with his previous employers: The University of Adelaide and CSIRO Land and Water. Due to his extensive experience and knowledge, he was recently appointed a member of the Program Advisory Committee for RMIT's Environmental Science Department. Research and project management experience of Dr Stevens includes the management of several large research projects integrated across the industry, government authorities and research sectors.

Memberships past and present:

  • Australia Water Association

  • American Chemical Society

  • Australian Soil Science Society

  • Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

  • International Society for Horticultural Science

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