Atura has extensive experience in environmental risk assessment and managing risk to environmental impact. Our expertise includes:


  • Project management

    • For small and large scale projects integrating a number of stakeholders.


  • Scientific research

    • Scientific research related to beneficial/detrimental impacts on soils, biota, plants and water

    • Statistical analysis, interpretation and graphical communication

    • Environmental terrestrial toxicology

    • Drafting and scientific support for handbooks, guidelines, websites and standards related to areas outlined above.


  • Modelling

    • Chemical modelling of inorganic and organic hazards in aquatic and terrestrial systems - includes pesticides, organic pollutants, heavy metals and more...

    • Water use and water recycling in terrestrial systems

    • Beneficial use of water treatment residuals, sewage sludge and biosolids


  • Risk Assessment

    • Risk Assessment (Human Health, Environmental and Agricultural) and risk minimisation strategies

    • Fugacity modelling of hazards (pollutants) in water cycles (sewage catchments, STPs, irrigation and terrestrial systems)

    • Models for management of risks associated with recycling water and biosolids


  • Land assessments

    • Land capability/suitability assessments for use of any water source for irrigation to land (e.g. recycled water, groundwater, dam or river water)

    • Farming systems and suitability for use of fresh or recycled water, or biosolids.

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