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Interest in Recycling Water increasing

The Sydney (Coogee Beach) Recycled Water Management Course run by IWES has just finished with the highest attendance for five years. The next will be run at the Gold Coast see

This course provides training in best practice recycled water management. Taking a practical approach the course is targeted to those responsible for aspects of recycled water quality and environmental management in water utilities and private water suppliers as well as health and economic regulators.

This practical course is structured around a series of sessions that begin by explaining concepts using illustrative examples. Each short lecture is followed by small group and individual exercises to provide opportunities for participants to apply concepts to their situations. Case studies of implementation are given using leading edge Australian examples

day 1

• Overview of water recycling in Australia

• Historical context and development of water recycling in Australia

• Overview of recycled water guidelines and approaches

• Recycling of sewage and greywater (Phase 1 guidelines)

• Potable reuse (Phase 2a guidelines)

• Recycling of stormwater (Phase 2b guidelines)

• Managed aquifer recharge (Phase 2c guidelines)

• Recent updates and probable future developments

day 2

• Visit to local recycled water treatment plant

• Overview of the AGWR risk management framework

• Related management systems such as ISO 22000 and HACCP

• Commitment, stakeholders & system assessment team

• System description and process flow diagrams

• Data analysis and interpretation

day 3

• Environmental targets in water recycling

• Methodologies for hazard analysis and risk assessment/ risk ranking

• Identifying hazards, assessing risks and setting management priorities

• Identifying preventive measures, critical control points and control programs

• Developing specifications for monitoring and control of risks

• Verification of system performance

• Management of incidents and emergencies

• Supporting programs underpinning the risk management system

• Management plans and regulatory approvals

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