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Biosolids & Organics Can Contribute to a Healthier Environment

The importance of recycling naturally occurring resources and explore innovative ideas for the conservation of a healthy, shared environment. Biosolids and organics and the careful management of these valuable resources warrant a closer look.

Historically, biosolids and many organic food "wastes" have been ignored, buried in landfills and/or brushed aside as pesky material, with little to no value. We are proud to be part of a group of dedicated scientists, researchers, engineers and other industry professionals, all of whom are firmly committed to changing this way of thinking.

Here are eight (8) ways that biosolids and organics can contribute to a healthier environment when advanced treatment technologies are utilized and best management practices are followed:

  1. Creation of nutrient rich, pathogen free biofertilizer products

  2. Reducing our reliance on depleting resources

  3. Protection of our natural water courses

  4. Reducing our carbon footprint

  5. Diverts "waste" from landfills.

  6. Job creation.

  7. Production of biogas for green energy.

  8. Alternative carbon source.

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