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Apple starting to recycled water

Apple confirmed last week that it has agreed to pay for a treatment facility to re-use water for evaporative cooling in its Prineville data centers. By recycling water for Apple instead of taking it straight from the tap, the city says its new facility will save nearly 5 million gallons a year.

And the treatment center will have the potential to expand considerably to serve new data centers or other industries that might come to Prineville.

"They're doing this simply because we came up with a project that we can benefit from and they can benefit from," said Prineville Mayor Betty Roppe.

Apple declined to say how much it will spend on the facility, but Prineville said it expects the company's tab will run into the "millions of dollars."

The recycled water will come from the city's regular sewage treatment system, water that would otherwise have been less rigorously treated before being used at the city's golf course or flow to pasturelands or into the Crooked River. The city says it has other water rights that provide adequate supplies for those other purposes.

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