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Greywater: do's and dont's

GREYWATER is the recycling of bath, shower, hand basin and laundry water, which can then be used to irrigate your garden. This is especially relevant for South Africans as they have to contend with low rainfall, water shortages and water restrictions.

By reusing bath and laundry water, homeowners can keep their gardens looking healthy - even in times of drought - without spending an extra dime on their water bill. Plus, greywater also contains nutrients derived from the residues and soaps in the water, which feed and nourish the soil to produce lush plants.

Do not, however, use water waste from the kitchen sink as this contains fat content that will damage your garden.

A greywater system can be as simple as using a bucket to carry the waste water outside, or as complicated as having the greywater piped directly outside using a tank and pump.

According to Water Wise, a simple bucket system can be used to transport the greywater, by hand, from the bathroom to garden. It is the cheapest system, but is inconvenient and increases the possibility of contact and contamination between the greywater and people carrying the bucket. Homeowners can also make one themselves by connecting a pipe from the outlet of their bathroom to a hose pipe.

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