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Water recycling gains momentum in South Africa

A massive behavioural change has been witnessed in water conservation and usage amongst South Africans following extensive campaigns by the government in the wake of drought conditions experienced across the region.

“There is a high level of behavioural change in our country, though a lot can still be done and it must be done. But it is a simple thing where everybody is asking – how do I make sure that I have a solution for rain water, harvesting it? Other people are embracing the use of grey water, recycling it and not using water once,” Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane told the African News Agency (ANA) at the World Economic Forum in Durban.

“There has also been the partnerships. I think with the drought experience that we have gone through, what has been quite heartening is that we have seen the unity of South Africans. Those who are able to, prayed, traditional leaders have raised their awareness.

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