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Economic and environmental benefits of the Adelaide irrigation project

Recycled water from the Bolivar water treatment plant will be used to irrigate agriculture and horticulture on the Adelaide Plains, in a scheme that could create thousands of jobs

An irrigation project that could create up to 3700 jobs in northern Adelaide will go ahead after the Federal Government promised to contribute $46 million towards building costs.

Despite facing a political crisis after it was revealed he held New Zealand citizenship, Agriculture and Water Resources Minister Barnaby Joyce has agreed to spend $45.6 million from the National Water Infrastructure

Development on the irrigation scheme.

The project will pump recycled water from the Bolivar sewage treatment works to the Adelaide Plains for use in irrigated agriculture and horticulture.

The State Government has already promised $110 million towards the irrigation scheme and had been seeking a federal contribution. The project is designed to create new job opportunities in the northern Adelaide region after the Holden factory closes in October.

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