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Australia's first Integrated Water Management to be implemented in Victoria

Collaboration can realise integrated opportunities where organisational priorities overlap and interface. (Source: IWM document)

The Victorian Government will put communities at the centre of storm and recycled water management through new forums across Victoria as part of an Integrated Water Management (IWM)Framework released last week.

The framework will help government organisations work with the community on urban water management, water supply, wastewater, flood resilience, waterway health and to develop healthy recreational spaces. This is the first time that the systematic application of collaborative IWM has been designed and promoted at a statewide scale in an Australian context.

According to the framework document, an IWM approach to planning requires water sector members to clearly understand their own accountabilities and those of other organisations. This clarity facilitates the allocation of benefits, costs and risks for integrated solutions. This separation of responsibilities makes a collaborative approach essential for planning that effectively recognises water cycle complexities.

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