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NZ's Biosolid composter to close doors

The biosolid composter unit that's been trailing production of grade Aa compost will be permanently closed.

The Council has taken careful consideration to reach the decision to close the plant. Including:

  • The volumes of bio-solids able to be accepted are relatively low (40 tonnes per month) at peak capacity.

  • The asset is starting to age so in addition to repairs undertaken last year, there needs to be an additional $40K spent on maintenance and eventual asset renewal would be required.

  • Operating costs are in excess of $220K per annum.

  • When the composter was first set-up as a trial back in 2007, there were assumptions that fuel costs and landfill costs would rise, which meant composting bio-solids would be financially beneficial. In reality, transport and fuel costs haven't increased in the past 10 years as expected.

  • Over the past three years Council staff have investigated potential commercial markets and modelled financial results and future viability, all of which has proven it is not financially viable.

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