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Piping recycled wastewater to farmers is enticing, but is it economically feasible?

As drought tightens its grip calls have been mounting for the 100,000 megalitres of wastewater that is released by treatment plants into Moreton Bay near Brisbane every year to be diverted to farmers further west. But is the idea economically feasible?

More than 100,000 megalitres of wastewater is released by treatment plants directly or indirectly into Morteton Bay near Brisbane every year.

For several years calls have been growing for that treated water to be pumped and piped to irrigation areas in the Lockyer Valley and over the Great Dividing Range to Darling Downs. Such a project is seen as delivering two major benefits: providing valuable water to boost agricultural and industrial production west of Brisbane, while also helping to reduce the increasing cost of managing the environmental impacts associated with treating South East Queensland's wastewater and disposing the effluent to sea...Read more>>>

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