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Recycling Sewage to Tap Water in Windhoek, Namibia Hits 50-Year Milestone

The City of Windhoek and Wingoc will be celebrate their 50th anniversary of Direct Reuse in Namibia, from 18 to 19 October, under the theme 'Direct Potable Reclamation With A Clean Bill' at the City of Windhoek Head Office.

Driven by continuous water scarcity and exceptional challenges in terms of supply, the City took steps to introduce purified sewage effluent into drinking water system way back in 1968.

According to the CoW over the years, this unconventional supply source has gone through various stages of refinery and maintained as an important source of supply to the ever growing city.

"50 years later, Windhoek is regarded as one of the worlds leaders in Direct Potable Reclamation, (DRP) and remains one of the only places in the world where this is practiced on a significant scale and continuous basis to supply the residents of the city with drinking water," the City added.

The city fathers also explained that the event will offer a review of the development of Direct Potable Reclamation over this 50 years' period successes and challenges along the way and a special session will also focus on the current development and future...Read more>>>

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