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Biosolids Regulatory Review - NSW EPA

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

NSW EPA is seeking public input on a new approach to regulating biosolids in NSW.

A new way to regulate biosolids.

Our understanding and experience of how to manage biosolids have increased considerably since we developed the rules that apply to the reuse of biosolids. New contaminants of concern have emerged in the past 25 years, and it is important that our regulation of biosolids is fit for purpose and protective of human health and the environment.

  • Review paper and technical findings.

  • Document Library:

    • NSW Biosolids Guideline Review Threshold derivation for contaminants in biosolids – PFAS, HHCB, triclosan, chlordane and PBDEs.

    • Assessment and Management of Material Stability in Contemporary Environmental Guidelines for the Use and Disposal of Biosolids Products.

    • NSW Biosolids Guideline Review - Identification of key exposure pathways to assess risks from PFAS in biosolids.

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