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Thousands of hectares of farmland will be irrigated with recycled water

Construction has begun on a new pipeline connecting Parwan and Balliang in Victoria, which will irrigate thousands of hectares of farmland with recycled water, expand agribusiness and support economic growth.

The pipeline will provide Parwan and Balliang farmers with a reliable, year-round supply of recycled water from late 2023, as part of the Western Irrigation Network (WIN).

WIN is a large-scale irrigation project that will deliver a new, secure source of Class C recycled water. It will be used to irrigate thousands of hectares of farmland in the Parwan-Balliang agricultural district in Melbourne’s outer west. WIN is a $116 million project jointly funded by Greater Western Water, the Australian Government’s National Water Grid Fund and the private agribusinesses who will become the network’s foundation customers.

The recycled water is produced at WIN plants in Melton and Bacchus Marsh. It is used for a range of non-drinking purposes, including irrigation of pasture and certain crops.

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