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Recycled water to increase its water supply

A recycled water project started in 1993 moved forward Monday night as the Pasadena City Council approved the environmental review of a plan to funnel water from Glendale.

The $50 million project could take 20 years to complete, with a pipeline running from a proposed reservoir in Scholl Canyon in Glendale to one at Sheldon Reservoir near the Brookside Golf Course. It would increase Pasadena’s local water supply by about 10 percent, officials said.

“It is quite clear that the situation we are in with regard to water supply is not improving in anyway that we hoped it would,” said Shari Thomas, Pasadena Water and Power’s interim general manager. “This is really a new water source for Pasadena and it might in fact be our only opportunity to secure a new water source that we can count on.”

The council approved the matter in a 5-1 vote, with Councilman Tyron Hampton objecting and Councilman John Kennedy absent.

Thomas said the project is the “lowest cost, the lowest risk and the greatest chance” of providing more water for the city. While it would not produce drinking water, the recycled water would lessen the existing demand from golf courses, parks and other large open spaces. The city expects the new water source would reduce its reliance on the Metropolitan Water District, which currently provides about 60 percent of the city’s water. The non-potable water project would bring the split closer to 50-50, officials said.

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