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Technical/Scientific consultancy


  • Environmental, agronomic and amenity horticutural risk assessments for the development, operation, monitoring and reviewing of recycled water/irrigation schemes for both urban and rural environments.

  • Qualitative and quantitative risk assessments for environmental impacts; specialising in areas of biosolids, water recycled from storm, rain or sewage andused in rural or urban landscapes.

  • Water and land suitability/capability assessments (LSA/LCA) to comply with state and national guidelines where required.

  • Assessment and management of environmental risks associated with specific irrigation systems (urban and rural) and treatment technologies and advice on regulatory approvals required.

  • Catchment land use risks and their management; providing the scientific rational and recommendations for catchment management plans.

  • Environmental improvement (EIP) and management (EMP) plans for recycled water schemes.

  • Stormwater recycling scheme audits for compliance with the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling.

Guidelines and handbooks


Atura specialises in the drafting and publication of:

  • Handbooks

  • Standards

  • Guidelines


Atura has consulted extensively, leading the development of state and national guidelines related to the use of solids and liquids in terrestrial systems.



Dr Stevens was the Scientific advisor for developing and writing the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling. He uses these guidelines extensively in his consulting and also conducts training for the use of the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling across Australia.  


Atura conducts this training directly or partners with IWES.




Study tours


The team at Atura have organised and hosted a number of study tours covering a wide range of topics relevant to the water industry. We work closely with you to determine your specific areas of interest and then develop a comprehensive program managing all aspects including site visits, travel, accommodation, payments, pre and post tour documentation.


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