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Quality Assurance


Atura provides professional consulting services to a range of clients, delivering high quality research outcomes and publication materials that meet with government standards and requirements relating to the needs of the individual projects.


Our risk assessment processes comply with Australian Standards for Risk Assessment Standards Australia 2004, International Standards Organisation (ISO) 31000:2009, the framework from Australian Guidelines for Recycling Water NRMMC and EPHC 2006, and relevant state guidelines for recycled water and biosolids.


Risk assessments are carried out prior to onsite work to ensure Occupational Health and Safety standards are maintained.


Atura holds the relevant insurances as required for public liability ($10 million) and professional indemnity ($5 million for any one claim).

Extract from Standards Australia (2009) Risk management - Principles and guidelines. AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009. Sydney and Wellington: Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand. Available at:

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