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Atura has contributed to the following publications:


  • Stevens DP, Surapaneni A, Thodupunuri R, O’Connor NA, Smith D (2017) Helminth log reduction values for recycling water from sewage for the protection of human and stock health. Water Research 125:501-511

  • O’Connor NA, Surapaneni A, Smith D, Stevens D (2017) Occurrence and fate of Ascaris lumbricoides ova in biosolids in Victoria, Australia – a human health risk assessment of biosolids storage periods. Water Science and Technology 76:1332-1346

  • Ganley A, Stevens D. Shanahan M (2016) Study of impact of recycled water irrigation on soils. Ozwater'16, Melbourne, Australia: AWA, Australia.

  • Stevens DP (2014) Audit of the Parafield Stormwater Harvesting and Managed Aquifer Recharge System for Non-Potable Use against the Stormwater Risk-Based Management Plan. Adealide, South Australia.: Goyder Institute for Water Research Occasional Paper 14/1

  • Mosse K, Magyar M, Stevens D (2013) Reduction of helminths in lagoon based systems in Australia In Asia Pacific Recycled Water Conference 2013 Brisbane, Qld, Australia: Australia Water Association.

  • Stevens D, Surapaneni A, Albuguerque N, Meehan B, Smith D, Uren P, Hansen P (2012) Repeat application of biosolids in agriculture land. Water Journal 39:71–77 

  • Surapaneni A, Smith D, Wilkinson K, Stevens D, Darvodelsky P (2012) Biosolids in Australian horticulture - an untapped resource? Acta Horticulture 1st IS on Organic Matter Management and Compost in Horticulture.:639–652 

  • Stevens D, Dillon P, Page D, Warne M, Ying GG (2011) Assessing environmental risks of laundry detergents in greywater used for irrigation. Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination 01:61–77 

  • Stevens D, Harris C, Hannaford J, Wilson S. (2010) Environmentally friendly use of greywater through selecting GreySmart household products. Conference Proceedings, OzWater’10.

  • O’Connor N, Stevens DP, Blackbeard J, Thorn K (2010) Quantitative risk assessment of chemical fate at Melbourne’s sewage treatment plants. In. Dockside Conference Centre Darling Harbour Sydney, Australia November 15-17: WateReuse Association, USA.

  • 2010. Stevens, D. P. and Diaper, C. Future growth of recycled water use in Australia, Rotorua, New Zealand, New Zealand Land Treatment Collective. 

  • O’Connor N, Stevens DP, Blackbeard J, Wilson K (2009) Risk Assessment for Eastern Treatment Plant and Western Treatment Plant, Melbourne, Australia. In. Seattle, Washington, USA: Water Reuse Association, Water Environment Federation. Available at:

  • Stevens D, Smolenaars S, Kelly JK. (2009) Irrigation of Amenity Horticulture with Recycled Water. Smart Water Fund/Arris, Adelaide, Australia. 

  • Stevens D, (2008)  Requirements for rainwater and greywater systems in Australia  Master Plumber and Mechanical Services Association of Australia for the National Water Commission and Standards Australia, Canberra.

  • Stevens D. (2008)  Urban Greywater Design and Installation Handbook. Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA) and RMIT University for the National Water Commission.

  • Stevens DP, Cunliffe DA. (2008) 'Water and Spas’ In Understanding the Global Spa Industry Spa Management. (Eds. M Cohen, G Bodeker).

  • Stevens D. (2008)  Rainwater Tank Design and Installation Handbook for Standards Australia in conjunction with Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA) and the Australian Rainwater Industry Development Association (ARID) funded by the National Water Commission, Sydney.

  • Cunliffe DA (2006) Managing health risks to consumers In D. P. Stevens, ed. Growing crops with reclaimed wastewater Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, p. Chapter 12.

  • Stevens DP., (Associate Ed) Unkovich MJ., Kelly J., McLaughlin M. (2006) Growing food crops with reclaimed wastewater; An Australian Perspective. CSIRO Publishing: Melbourne.

  • Hamilton AJ, Boland A, Stevens D, Kelly J, Radcliffe AZ, Dillon P, Paulin B. (2005)  Position of the Australian horticultural industry with respect to the use of reclaimed water Agricultural Water Management 71, 181-209.

  • Leslie G, Stevens D, Wilson S. (2005) Designer Reclaimed Water: If desalination is required, leave in the nutrients Water Journal. 32, 75-79.



Some examples of scientific and industry presentations by Atura are:


  • Prioritising the management of organic chemicals in raw sewage that could impact STP function and the quality of products re-entering the environment, SETAC Conference, Goldcoast, 2017.

  • Wastewater treatment and water recycling. Managing risk associated with irrigation recycled water, Palisade Conference, Sydney

  • Recycle Water use in Australia:Is there a more cost effective way? International Seminar Urban Waste Water Management, Paris, Fance. 2014

  • The process for development of  national guideline across the states and territories of Australia for recycling water (2006 to 2009).  World Water Forums, Marseille, France. 2012

  • 2009 TQA (Tasmanian Quality Assured) Conference in Tasmania on food quality assurance and recycled water use. At this conference Dr Stevens was interviewed by ABC radio, with the segment airing the next day on ABC radio across Australia. Dr Steven's speaker notes are also available from the TQA website.

  • Invited keynote speaker for the NZ Land Treatment Collective on Water recycling from wastewater, stormwater and seawater.

  • OzWater conference (Brisbane) with respect to safe use of greywater on household gardens and the development of H2OmeCalc

  • Turf Grass Association Aust. Inc. (Victoria) rural workshops at Colac regarding the of recycled water with turf and given away copies of the Amenity Horticulture Handbook for using recycled water developed as part of a joint project with the Smart Water Fund

  • Presentation to Chinese delegation hosted by Southern Rural Water and Melbourne University on the use of recycled water in Australia and the Werribee South horticultural production area.

Using Recycled Water

A Guidance Handbook for Irrigation of Amenity Horticulture with Recycled Water

For Parks, gardens, lawns, landscapes, playing fields, golf courses and other public open spaces (pdf). Download 

Urban Greywater Design and Installation Handbook

Urban Greywater Design and Installation Handbook by the National Water Commission and RMIT. Download

Requirements for the installation of rainwater and greywater systems in Australia


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