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CHOICE's top detergents for your clothes, garden and water recycling.

By choosing the right detergent when doing the laundry, you can:

  • get a great wash

  • assist in recycling wastewater at treatment plants

  • safely use the rinse water from your washing machine occasionally on the garden

The study shows the best performing detergents are:

  • Top Loaders*

  • Omo Ultimate Liquid - GreySmart with Care

  • Coles Ultra Concentrate Liquid - GreySmart with Care

  • Front Loaders*

  • Radiant Sensitive Liquid - GreySmart with Care

  • Radiant Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours Liquid - GreySmart

* Based on the highest wash quality scores, and receive a GreySmart or GreySmart with Care rating.

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