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Companies need to take a proactive steps to optimise water usage

As water scarcity problem grows grimmer, industries are facing the danger of temporary shutdown of their manufacturing units and thus hurting their revenue streams. As a result companies are looking at ways to ensure optimal utilisation of water and effective treatment of effluent. In this interview with Rakesh Rao, Sudhir Shenoy, country manager, Dow India, discusses the hurdles facing the manufacturing sector with respect to water availability and probable solution to mitigate these challenges.

Why is it imperative for industries to become water efficient? What role can industry play in addressing the issue of water scarcity?

Growing economies and increasing population are mounting pressure on already over-used water supplies. Agricultural runoffs, sewage disposals and other forms of pollution are further intensifying the scarcity of potable water for human use and clean enough water for industrial use.

Manufacturing is one of the sectors most vulnerable to be adversely impacted by water shortage. Mckinsey estimates that the global demand for manufacturing will increase by 400 percent by 2030 - prioritising efficient use of water by the industry is a critical step to safeguard both - the environment and the bottom-line.

According to the World Bank, about 13 percent of available freshwater is used by industries in India. This demand is estimated to grow at 4.2 percent and will reach three times the current need to 228 billion cubic metres by 2025. The impact of this demand...

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