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Cheapest way to purify wastewater is by using sunlight

Recycling of water is one of the best ways to reduce the wastage. There are several ways, but lot amount of water wasted through the drainage system. So there are several purification plant build which purifies this waste water and used in different industrial purpose

But recycling that water through purification plant is more expensive as well as time-consuming. So, Chemists from Australian National University are developing a self-purification system by using photocatalyst which rapidly purifies the waste water in presence of direct sunlight. According to Phys, the researcher uses modified titanium dioxide as a photocatalyst.

Prof. Yun Liu, team leader from ANU stated that this new technique is fifteen times more efficient than any leading commercialized purification systems and also very cheap as they used photocatalyst with natural sunlight for purification mechanism instead of using UV ray in commercial products.

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